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1st Month of 2020 & How I Plan on Spending the Rest of the Year

Since this is the last week of January (and my birthday month) I wanted to reflect on the 1st month of 2020. Before the year started, I was very optimistic for the year 2020 because I felt that the visions we dream of will come true. When I think of 2020, tunnel vision is the goal to achieve and dreams will come to a reality. Whatever we want, we have to work hard for it.

So far in January, I spent time with my family and friends, celebrated my birthday (which was on the 23rd). Although the year had a rough start with everything going on in the world, seen everywhere in the media. I still feel positive about this upcoming year.

With 2020 still fresh, I started to think of ways to do better for myself, mind, my blog and personal goals. Usually I would think about it, but never planned or wrote it down. So to break little habits, my friend who started a group called The Plannter to empower people with purpose. She challenged me and group of awesome girls (shout out to my girls!) for 10 weeks on what we are committing to developing on accomplishing our goals. My main goal is to consistently write content for my blog. Other small personal goals such as :

  • Planning for the day and future events

  • Reading a book a month (and finishing them!)

  • Practicing yoga

  • Trying an activity or going somewhere new

This challenge is one of the examples on why I'm so positive for how the year will go. It may be difficult, but I'm willing to try to push myself to become someone I know I can be.

Hope your 1st month of the month was great. Tell me in the comments what you plan on doing for 2020?



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