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Favorites for May/ June!

The last time I posted my favorites was in April and since then I used several products. I have so much makeup, hair and other random products I used that I had to share with you guys. Some of the things I've been using all season long, which makes this summer a breeze!


Aveeno baby calming comfort lotion in lavender& vanilla: I know this is for babies but I love the smell and feel of this lotion. Its very smooth and moisturizing especially for my hands and legs, it feels so soft.

Beauty 360 gentle eye makeup remover pads: This is actually the dupe for the almay's eye makeup pads, but it works just the same. as a mascara lover, I must admit taking it off can be difficult. These pads are my bestfriend and does a great job taking all of my eye makeup off.


Argan oil of morocco weightless spray: If you saw my hair video (I posted on a previous post so you can see it) I use this at the end. This product is my everything and I will continue to use it forever. For a long time I been using this but I wanted to share how much my hair appreciates argan oil. Perfect for split ends, protects from heat and give shine to my hair.

Trader joe's shea butter and coconut oil hair mask: I love this hair mask so much and I would of never guess to go to trader joe's to get it. If you want a quick deep moisturizer that will give you soft and shiny hair, this is for you. The beat part is its only $4, you cant bet that.

Murray's edgewax extreme hold: We can't talk about hair without talking about edge control. Although I'm very faithful to my hicks edge control, I wanted to switch it up. Shout out to my mom who bought this one. My edges stayed still, all day. Trust me you will be called silky smooth after you put this on.


Maybelline fit me concealer in tan: Hands down I think this is the best concealer I ever used. I really love the color and how I can fool people into thinking I had 8 hours of sleep. It's not too heavy on the eyes and it's natural looking. This concealer is my all season go to.

Maybelline fit me loose power in deep: I use this to set the fit me concealer and it is so worth it. Loose power helps to control the shine from the oils on your face and set everything on your face together. I don't like to bake my face like some girls do when applying makeup but I love a flawless finish.

NYX lipliner pencil in espresso: If you like mac's lip liner in chestnut, this is the dupe for it. This lip liner does the same thing as chestnut and it is brown girl friendly. You can wear it alone or with any lipstick color.

Fenty beauty matte lipstick in ma'damn: Most comfortable matte lipstick I have in my lipstick collection. I wore this color twice so far and it feels so good on the lips. Also a brown girl friendly color.

Victoria's secret velvet matte lipstick in perfection: Another matte that is very comfortable to wear on the lips. I wore this with the nyx espresso lip liner and gave me a gorgeous nude lip.

L'oreal true match bronzer in deep: I finally found a bronzer that can work for my skin tone! This bronzer is perfect for that sun kissed, summer glow on your face and body. Honestly I love the way my face looks when adding it to my cheeks. Also I use it on my shoulders and collarbone, which looks so gorgeous for summer time.


Downy wrinkle releaser: You know when you want to wear a cute shirt or pants and you have to iron it but you're too lazy to do it, this is definitely for you. There are so many times I want to wear my bottom-up shirt with a pair of pants but ironing my clothes would take so much time. This spray only takes a few minutes, all you have to do is spray your clothes, spread it even and your clothes would look good as new.

I hope you like my favorites for the summer time. Let me know if you used some of the things I listed or tell me what's your favorite products you used.

xoxo Desiree


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