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How are you coping with stress and protecting your mental health during this pandemic?

Its been a while since I've written a #pinkwednesdays post and I thought it would be great to talk about mental health during this pandemic. Since this is the last week of Mental Awareness Month, I did some reflecting on how I cope with stress and trying to have a positive mindset during these times.

I have been in quarantine for two months now and I been trying to be optimistic with what's going on in the world. I can't help to feel fearful and stressed just by looking at the news and seeing reports about the virus. It scares me to think about this virus coming back and affecting us. Is this the new normal for the world? I try not to think of the "what ifs" because mentally it's stressing me out. Especially now that I'm not working because of the fear that I may get sick or maybe having it and not knowing is scary. I thought of every stressful scenario, but I try to look for the positive.

I thank God for waking me up, for having my family still here and for friends to talk to when I'm down. I love listening to music to relax, to put me in a good mood. Also taking walks are great, I always take my dog for walks to get some fresh air. These are things that keeps me going and knowing that things will be okay.

This pandemic has not been easy, but taking the time to relax with my family and learning more about myself is what I've been doing during quarantine. Knowing that I can write content for my blog makes me happy and it keeps my mind in the right path rather than worrying about the world. That's how I try to protect my mental health. of course every once in a while I look at the news to be informed, but I can't do that everyday. Although we might be in difficult times, I believe we can get through this together. Aristotle said "it is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light".

Thanks for reading my post. Tell me how are you mentally during this pandemic? How are you holding up?

xoxo Desiree


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