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Manifesting 2021:Reflecting on the 1st month of the year #pinkwednesdays

Hey loves Happy 2021! Happy to say we survived last year and we are stronger than ever to conquer this year. As I look back on the post I made last year around this time, I am proud about how confident I was about how 2020 was going to be the vision year and doing things that we dreamt of. But after a year full of ups and downs it’s time for a refresher.

I began January reflecting about last year ,the lessons it taught us and how everything in the past can be applied to this year. I wrote in my notes the 3 main things I wanted to focus on which are personal, financial, and career. I wrote 3 separate lists for these main things I wanted to accomplish this year and believing that I can get it done.

In my lists I made for the new year, I wrote some points for each thing I wanted to continue such as drink more water, stretch, resting, etc. For my blog career, I shot more videos, took new photos and continued being more consistent. These are just the examples of how I plan to manifest everything I set my mind to. I believe now that writing can help me to see my vision clearer.

One example was my birthday, which was on January 23(yay). As we are still in a pandemic, I wanted to do something special, unique, and safe by having a picnic party. I have always wanted to do something like this since last summer. I made it my goal to make a Pinterest board to invasion it because I knew I would do what ever it takes to have this picnic party. Of course it was a small group of friends that came and I had so much fun. This picnic company, The Curated Picnic Company, did everything and more and I loved how it turned out. I manifested something I really desired and I know for this year I want to continue this same mindset.

January for me was a month to reflect and rest. Working in retail for the holidays was very difficult, all I did was go to work and I had no time to rest. So I took the time to get as much sleep and relaxation as I can. This new year, I feel like I did a lot of growing from last year, especially everything I want to do with this blog and career. Manifesting my goals and speaking things into existence are my 2021 resolutions.

I hope your first month of the year was great and that your 2021 will be full of blessings. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

As always thanks for reading my blog




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