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My Best lipsticks and lip-glosses!

I wanted to do this post since #nationallipstickday in July, but its never to late to talk about lipstick. I can wear lip gloss all day long, however it took me a while to love lipstick. Lipstick is something I always thought every women can wear to feel classy or elegant, like Audrey Hepburn would say "on a bad day there's always lipstick". A few years back I thought lipstick was going to look too bright or too ashy; because of the colors I wanted to wear it didn't look right on my complexion. Its always hard to find a lip color that complements your skin color, but now I can wear some hues that I feel beautiful in without the worry of should I wear this or not.

So I wanted to post this to show how gorgeous these different lip shades would look for everyday or a night out (especially on brown or dark skin like me). I use 9 of my favorite lipsticks and one of the best lipliners I have.

Products I used:

Maybelle lipstick- Toasted Truffle

Colourpop lippie stick- Le Freak

Victoria's Secret velvet matte lip stain- Perfection

NYX butter gloss- Angel food cake

NYX soft matte lip- Copenhagen

Anastasia liquid lipstick- Bittersweet

Anastasia liquid lipstick- Dazed

Fenty beauty gloss bomb

Fenty beauty mattmoiselle- Ma'damn

MAC lipliner- Chestnut

Below I will show you how each lip product looked on me:

Maybelle matte lipstick in Toasted Truffle, one of my favorite nude lipstick on me.

Anastasia Beverley hills in Bittersweet

Anastasia Beverley hills in Dazed

Victoria's Secret velvet matte in perfection (top 2 pictures), used with MAC lipliner in Chestnut (bottom 2 pictures) - my favorite lip combination!

NYX soft matte lip in Copenhagen

NYX butter gloss in Angel food cake

Fenty beauty gloss bomb- the best lip gloss I ever had!

Fenty beauty mattmoiselle in Ma'damn

Colourpop lippie stick in Le Freak, love this color!

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick and lipgloss post. Tell me which one is your favorite lipstick?

xoxo Desi


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