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My favorite things to do in the fall!

I love Fall, the season of Halloween, wearing sweaters and boots, drinking warm teas and preparing good home cooked meals at thanksgiving. This fall season has me thinking about the things I love to do alone or with my family and friends.

Watching Scary movies- I love watching movies and it's only right to watch scary movies during the spooky season with my family. Most of the movies I watch were Netflix movies such as Midnight mass, The Haunting of series (Which I highly recommend watching), and Fear Street. Of course, I have to watch classic movies like The Shining, Scream, Halloween, and all Harry Potter movies.

Dressing up for Halloween- One of my favorite fun things to do. I love dressing as someone who inspires me from movies and shows I've seen. This year I was inspired by the 90s and I decided to dress in one of Janet Jackson’s roles in the movie Poetic Justice. I braided my hair, brought the shirt and jeans from Shein, and got boots to dress just like the character. By far this was my favorite costume I ever did. I’m going to continue the tradition and dress like someone from the 90s.

Decorating the house - To get into the Spirit of fall, decorating the house is not only fun and it will set the mood. Warm colors like brown and orange and buying fall candles and pumpkins. I went to the craft store I brought some leaves and pinecones that looked so real. I decorated the coffee table and the dinner table and I think it really brings the fall mood i was looking to bring in the house.

Going to a fall fair- Every year for Veteran's day weekend, my community would have a veteran’s day fall fair and I love going there this time of year. Not only I go for the rides and try to win prizes, but i love the fair food. I always get fried oreos and funnel cakes and its so good.

Volunteering at a food bank- Every month, I volunteer at my church, who gives food to local families in need. Since the holidays is here, its a great way to give back to those who may not be able to afford going to the grocery store.

Tell me your favorite things to do during fall season. I hope you all have great and safe Thanksgiving.

xoxo Desiree


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