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NO EXCUSES, KEEP PUSHING! #pinkwednesdays

Hey loves, so I wanted to write this #pinkwednesday post to reflect how I was feeling this past month. I'm usually positive on the goals I have for myself and what I have planned to do but this time I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I felt things weren't going as planned and I wanted to give up. I was a little sad because I made a promise to myself that I wanted to fulfill and I felt like I failed.

After a long stressful day at work, I listened to a podcast called 'slay girl slay' (I love her website too) and she recently had an episode called "suit up or sit down" . In this episode she says no more excuses, either you do things you have to and work hard at it or just settle and not go forward with your goals. I felt like she was talking to me because I second guess myself sometimes or "what if" situations a lot. I listened to the whole episode thinking "wow I gotta do what I gotta do for me". Just because one plan didn't work, doesn't mean that the rest of my goals have to stop. I always tell myself, "if there is a will, there is a way" and I stand by that everyday.

The other thing was listening to friends, who care so much about me, urging me to get up and do what I have to do. One of my friends told me to not be so hard on myself and continue to do what I love, and they were right. All month I was hard on myself because I felt like I had failed. I know I have the potential to do a lot of things, but I would doubt and have fear on my mind.

So when I saw this quote on my Pinterest page, I had to share how I was feeling and write it for #pinkwednesday. I want y'all to know that if you feel like giving up or things are not going how you planned, keep going. I know its easier said then done but we can do this! We have the potential, the skills, the drive to go forward and succeed. Whether your goals are big or small, we can't second guess or doubt anyone. Lets keeping going and grinding!

I hope this post uplifts and gives you the motivation to go forward.

xoxo Desiree


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