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Self-Care, Self Love: 10 ways to spoil yourself!

Valentine's Day is this week, which means all the couples will be together being romantic allover the world. Some of us singles don't have a special someone, so this post will be talking about caring for yourself. Self care is so important because loving yourself first is the best love. So for this Valentine's Day or everyday of the week, I'm going to tell you the 10 ways to spoil yourself because you deserve to love yourself.

1. Have a spa day- What better way to spoil yourself by doing a spa. You can give yourself a Mani/Pedi, do a skin care routine, or give yourself a hair massage. This is a great way to start off your relaxation.

2. Take a warm bath- This can go along with your spa day. After a long day, a warm relaxing bath will help ease your mind and body. You can uses your favorite soap or bath bomb, light some candles and relax.

3. Play dress up- Every girl I know loves to get dressed, even if they have no where to go, its just fun. I always believe if you look good, you feel good. You can create your favorite outfits or get some style inspiration on Pinterest and look good while modeling your outfit. You can also do your makeup routine while getting ready.

4. Doing a photo shoot- After dressing up, why not take some pictures of yourself? I have done this from time to time with my outfits I know I looked good in and snap some pics for Instagram.

5. Read a book /Journal- A good book can open your mind. Nothing more than reading a book that you enjoy, whether it is a mystery or a self help book. Its always good to stimulate your brain. The best thing you can do is to journal the things you learn and write your thoughts down.

6. Watch a movie/go to the movies- Fun way to treat yourself by going to see something you enjoy. Recently I saw Bad Boys for Life with Mom and it was hilarious. Of course there is always Netflix or Hulu, both of them I love, a great way to stay home and save money. I definitely love the Wu-Tang series on Hulu and watching shows again on Netflix.

7. Go Shopping- Who doesn't love shopping? This to me is every girl's therapy and workout. For me, I love Target, Ulta, and Forever 21. It was always feels good buying something you like with your own coins!

8. Listen to music / Podcasts- I listen to music everyday, which gives me peace of mind, especially when I'm doing things. I definitely love listening to music while doing my makeup, its set the mood for my look. I made some playlists on Apple Music of all my favorite songs to listen to. I have them here if you want to check it out.

For podcasts, I love to listen for motivation or inspiration for the day or week. My favorites are:

  • The Planner

  • Black Girl Podcast

  • Slay Girl Slay

  • Women Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts

  • On One with Angela Rye

9.Cooking your Favorite meal- I'm not really the best cook, but I like to eat. Pasta is my ultimate favorite food ever, I can eat it any day of the week. I also love quesadillas, which is the easiest snack to make. I've love it since my college days. Shout out to my college friends who knows about my quesadillas!

10. Taking a nap- After everything I mentioned on this post, you will need some rest. Sleep is very important for your body from doing all the hard work you do everyday. So go ahead a get some beauty sleep.

As always, love yourself and others.

xoxo Desiree


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