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Self love Valentine’s Day #pinkwednesday

Hey love bugs! Valentines day is here and I wanted to share the importance of loving yourself and what to do this year for those who are single.

I know Valentines can be hard because you don’t have that special someone to share it with, buy you gifts and take you out. Especially when it’s all over social media, couples are everywhere, up and down your timeline. The important thing is you don’t have to spend Valentines with anyone because that special someone is you.

Self love is the greatest gift of all. Just little things like buying makeup or getting your hair done or looking at yourself in the mirror is great. Loving your features and flaws is a perfect way of telling yourself “you’re beautiful, I love you. I'm not saying you shouldn't get complements from others, which is great, but also accept yourself for who you are. We are made differently and no one can’t take that away. Remember you have to love yourself first before loving someone else, take time to get to know yourself, stay focused and do all the things you want because no one is gonna love you like you.

So here are some things you can do for your self love day:

1. Start with a good breakfast, with a cup of tea or coffee

2. Have a spa day- hair done, nails done, everything did.

3. Read a good book

4. Write in your notebook/ write some positive quotes or sayings

5. Have a fashion show / take some selfies

6. Listen to podcasts

7. Listen to music -nothing wrong with listening to R&B love songs

8. Hangout with your friends / do fun activities

9. Take yourself out to eat and enjoy whatever you want

10. Watch some movies on Netflix or any streaming service.

I hope you love my valentine's post for self love. Feel free to share with me what you like to do or what self love things your doing?

I love you all, Happy Valentine's day!

xoxo Desiree


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