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Stuck at Home? You're Not Alone. 10 ways to keep yourself not being lazy during the quarantine.

As the world is going through crazy times and the coronavirus is infected everyone, it is scary to be outside right now. The only thing safe to do is be inside but everyone is bored, lazy and tired. So I thought this would be the perfect post to write about what to do to be productive, this including myself because I can be lazy too.

1. Clean- Some of us have 9 to 5 jobs and there are times we can't get to do the things we are suppose to do. So why not clean your bathroom, kitchen, wash clothes, organize etc. For me, I had to fold my clothes, I get so lazy to put my clothes away after I wash them. I made it a goal to do so and my clothes are back where it belongs. Also I will be cleaning my makeup brushes as well.

2. Call Your Love Ones- It's nothing like calling (or texting) the people you love. Check on them, bother them, make sure they're okay. As more reports of cases coming out with people tested positive for this virus, we have to reach out to our love ones just to say we love and support them. Check on your friends and say hey, its always good to hear from them.

3. Cook- I really don't like cooking. The most I can do is quesadillas, pasta and breakfast sandwiches. But if you're a person that loves to cook, this is for you. I probably would make it a challenge to cook something I've seen on tv or on Pinterest, but I'll see. There is nothing like eating something you love from your kitchen and saving money.

4. Read- Definitely I want to catch up on my reading because I have two books I didn't get to finish from being so lazy. I also have a journal bible I'm so excited to read and write what I learned in my bible. You can read a selfcare, fiction, mystery, anything you want. As long as you finish your book, don't be like me.

5. Catch up on Shows/Movies- Everyone by now should have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or Apple Tv. So catch up on your favorite shows or watch something new. I'm catching up on Riverdale and watching the new season of How to Get Away With Murder. I also want to watch Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. You can have a watch party with your friends and family via FaceTime on the Zoom app. This is a great way to catch up with love ones while having fun.

6. Listen to Music/Podcasts- My personal favorite because music always sets the mood. Whether you are cleaning, putting on makeup or dong your hair, etc. music is always good to have in the background. I made another playlist on Apple Music to get me through the day. Another thing you can do is listen to some podcasts. I mentioned my favorite ones in my self care post in February. Try to catch up on some inspiration and vibes to relax you. Here is my playlist below.

7. Have a Spa/Self care Day- I mentioned this in my self care post as well and another favorite thing to do. Since the nail and hair salons are closed, why not do your own. Wash your hair, wash your face, paint your nails or have a nice warm bubble bath. Whatever you love to do to take care of yourself now you can. We have a lot of time, literally.

8. Play Games- I don't know if anyone does this anyone but I love playing board games. Games such as Taboo, Clue, or Uno are my favorites to play with my family. This is another great way to get closer to your love ones. 9. Be Creative- This is something different but it is very interesting thing to do. A unique way to bring out your creative. You can paint, draw, write or do a photo shoot. I just recently decorated my board with my favorite pictures I took with my polaroid camera.

10. Get Fresh Air- We are in the house all day, at some point we have to go outside to get fresh air and sunshine. Although we are supposed to stay inside, it's nothing like taking a walk or sitting in the background to enjoy to breeze. I usually take my dog, Josie, for a quick walk and then come back. Of course, please be safe and stay 6 feet away from people. Also wear your masks for protection. I hope you enjoyed reading my post during these difficult times. Hopefully this will bring you some positivity while trying to stay healthy. Please tell me what else you guys are doing during quarantine? Love you guys, be safe. Xoxo Desiree


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