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The Importance of Black-Owned businesses and How we can support them #SupportBlackbusinesses

Since last month, the attention around the victims of unjust murders such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and other wrongful deaths sparked a worldwide protest all over the world. Not only having to fight to be safe during this pandemic but we have to fight for our lives, literally. These murders of unarmed Black men and women in the past few months along with oppression really hit home on the Black community and we've had enough .

With the current state in society, Black businesses are extremely important to utilize in the Black community. As a Black woman, I want to do my best to empower and support everyone in my community as much as I can. This is the time to lift each other up, to be proud of who we are and find ways to make changes for our future. During this difficult time, the one positive thing that came out of this is that Black owned brands are blooming right now. Whether is it small or big, these black owned businesses are coming out and making themselves known to the community. Some of my friends and family members have businesses or thinking about starting one and I will be definitely supporting them.

So how can we support Black businesses? Simply find a Black business or brand and buy from them. With these continuous efforts it will demonstrate support and the building of economic wealth in the Black communities.

I have tried some Black owned businesses and brands that I personally love which are:

  • Hair by Kami

  • Shea moisture

  • Fenty Beauty

  • Black Opal

  • The Mane Choice

  • Luster's Pink

These brands are my favorites and I will purchase them again. Of course there are a lot of brands, some are old some are new, that I want to try in the future. Not only I want to buy from beauty and hair brands, but fashion, skincare, home décor, food, etc. There are a lot of businesses and brands out there and I want to support in the best way possible. Most importantly supporting HBCUS (which I'm a proud alum of Benedict College), and Organizations such as BLM, NAACP, Color of Change and more.

To find more businesses and brands, here are the sources I use via Instagram:

  • @blackdollarnetwork

  • @webuyblack

  • @officialblackwallstreet

  • @buyblackeconomics

I also have I list people I know who have brands in different categories:

I hope this enlightens you on the importance of Black business and brands and why it is important to support them, especially during this time. Please mention what brands you used or what businesses you know of that are small or big to try. Thank you so much for reading.

xoxo Desiree


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