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Tips for Growing Long Healthy Hair!

Hey loves! I wanted to share some tips on how I maintain my long healthy hair. These are things I learned over the years doing my hair on my own. I get asked all the time about my hair; mainly on the length. It took some time but with patience and the right steps , I learned what my hair wants and what it doesn't want. So i wanted to personally share some little things I've experience:

1. Washing and Conditioning - Of course this is the first thing to do when you desire healthy hair . I like to wash my hair every 2-3 weeks. Its always good to get that nice massage going to cleanse all build up of dirt and oil.

2. Deep Conditioning- This is the key thing that helped my hair the way it is. Deep conditioning really helps with moisturizing and strengthening dry damaged hair.This prevents breakage and makes your hair super soft. I like to apply it mainly to the ends of my hair because it breaks off easily. Also to avoid split ends from happening, I leave the conditioner in for an hour. After deep conditioning, I like to rinse my hair in cold water to seal in the moisture.

3. Trimming your ends - This is another major thing for growing healthy hair. To really stop those split ends from getting in the way, I trim my hair once a month to prevent breakage. Your hair won't grow if you don't do this step.

4.Drink a lot of water - Water is very important. Not only is it good for our bodies, it nourishes your hair.

5. HEAT LIMIT! - This lesson I've learned the hard way. Using hot tools to style your hair is one thing to do real quick to straighten or curl your hair but doing it everyday will cause heat damage. You can definitely see the difference when you wash your hair according to the curl pattern. Your roots will show a natural curl while the ends will appear straight. To prevent this from happening, you can deep condition and use roller sets to style your hair.

6. Silk scarf - One of the things to maintaining your hair is wrapping your hair with a scarf or switching your cotton pillow case to a silk pillow case to prevent shedding. Wrapping your hair will help keep it smooth through the night. I like to use edge control on my edges before I wrap my hair to lay them down.

7. Protected styles - There are several ways to protect your hair. Anything from braids, ponytails, buns to secure your hair, as long as its not tight. High ponytails, buns and hair twist are my personal favorite go to styles.

8. Massage scalp and seal ends with oil - recently I started massaging my scalp with black castor oil to keep it from breaking and to continue growing. It's also great when you add to your deep condition routine. This should reduce any damage you may have. Another thing I like to do is seal my hair with Argan oil, which is my favorite oil. Argan oil is excellent with hair growth, it conditions,it softens and keeps hair frizz free. I use after a blowout or when I flatiron, also to tame split ends when styling. There are several oils to choose from, whatever works for you.

These are some of the routines that worked for my hair that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully you can use these tips for growing beautiful healthy hair.

xoxo Desiree


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