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Welcome to my blog, Mzpinkuniversity!

Hello Queens (or Kings) and welcome to my blog! I'm so excited for you to be reading this and supporting something that I am so passionate about. My name is Desiree Salandy and I am a proud Bronx native who went to an HBCU.

Behind the name


My blog was inspired by my Instagram name, which I created in my junior year of college. During my teenage years, I have always had a love for makeup and fashion, girly things and anything pink, which is my favorite color. When I was 16, my mom let me wear makeup for the first time, well mascara, then I learned more about applying makeup as I got older. I also love learning something new and researching information; as a result of me being a history major in college, I can take something I learned and share with others. With this, I wanted to show people my feminine, elegant style with intellectual thoughts that inspires me daily to all people, not just young people.

So why start a blog?

I've been getting questions, mostly about my hair such as how I get it to grow or what kind of products I use. I would share some things on what i do to get my hair the way it is but recently i get these questions or comments daily. I would also get questions about my makeup and where I get my clothes. So I decided what a better way then to share the things I like about beauty, style and what I do to my hair.

So once again welcome, hopefully you take this journey with me!

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