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Why I Started Mzpinkuniversity & How It made an Impact on my Life!

This week will be the 2nd anniversary for my blog, Mzpinkuniversity. So what better way than to write about why I started my blog and its impact on my life.

Before I started my blog, I would always get questions on my makeup, clothes and my hair. I would always let people know where I get my products or where I buy my clothes. Before I started this blog I've always wondered if I had a website to share my secrets would everyone be inspired. It was scary at first but I decided to accomplish my dreams.

So I did my research and found some inspirations on how I wanted my blog to look. All the things I wanted, from the pictures I took to the videos I did was everything I wanted on my blog. Even down to the name, I knew it was a reflection of me.

This blog introduced me to so many opportunities and new adventures. I gained so much networking techniques, people skills, and from all this I shared it with my viewers and I thank you all for always tuning in. You learned many beauty tips from me, my interests, routines and more. This year I will make new strides for bigger outcomes.

As always I hope my words encourage and uplift.

Stay sweet my Loves xoxo Desiree


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