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Current Favorites of 2021 #mzpinkuniversity

As you all know I love to do seasonal favorites through out the year. Spring is here and I have collected a lot of products I've tried since 2021 started. Of course I wanted to share with you all the interesting things I have been using consistently.

1. Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser- I was in search of a new cleanser since the cleanser I was using broke me out. This cleanser is hydrating and really gets all the makeup and dirt off my face. I can say this is one of the best cleanser for dry/ sensitive skin. I highly recommend this cleanser.

2. Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub- This scrub is really gentle to the face. I love how it gets the job done by getting all the remaining dirt while leaving your skin smooth. I use this 3 days a week and it has been working so well on my skin. My face feels so clean and bright after using this scrub.

3. Avatara Drink Up Face Sheet Mask- Using a face mask is definitely something I love to do every one in a while, especially on self care Sunday. This face mask is found in Target and I am amazed on how pleasant it feels on my face, you leave this on for 20 minutes and your skin will feel refreshed. I recommend this mask if you have dry skin like myself, it leaves you very moisturized and dewy, my skin has a glow and is so soft.

4. Quebella Intensive foot sock mask - Yes you read it right, a foot mask! I found this at Target as well and I was curious to try it. I have to say I’m on my second one, that’s how amazing it is. This is a perfect for giving yourself a Pedicure at home and save money. Apply this foot mask on for 20 minutes and your feet would feel so smooth and super soft.

5. Mented Cosmetics stick foundation in ‘T-40’- I actually brought this foundation during their holiday sale. Plus I waned to support this black owned brand. This perfect match foundation blends so well with my skin, easy to apply, and hides all my blemishes. This is great for someone who is always on the go and wants a quick natural glam look. So far this is my favorite foundation for a 'no makeup' makeup look.

6. Fenty Beauty hydrating foundation in ‘430‘ - Of course I love Fenty Beauty and their products. I had their original foundation in the same shade but this foundation was made for dry skin and I had to get it. I wore this foundation on my birthday in January and my skin was glowing.

7. Mcbride Sisters Wine Company- Rosé - I have always been a fan of wine, Rosé in particular. I saw this wine company on Instagram and saw great reviews on them, plus they are a black owned business. Just recently I have seen their wine being sold in Target and I had to buy it. This is a very sweet white wine and I like to drink it alone or sometimes I mix it with cranberry juice or with strawberries in it. This is very delicious!

8. Omotion wireless keyboard and phone stand- As a blogger, I had to invest in some items to make it easier for me to blog. Lately I been blogging from my phone, so I needed a keyboard to type, whether it be on the couch or on the bed. I love this wireless keyboard because it connects so well with my iPhone, it has buttons to screenshot, to go to your home screen, lock the screen and more. I also got the phone stand to hold my phone up while I’m blogging. I brought them both on Amazon and it was the best purchase I made.

9. Bower Wireless remote shutter- Another investment I had to get as an influencer to take some amazing photos for Social media. This Bluetooth remote connects to my iPhone with ease and I can take a lot pictures without the timer or using my thumb. I can finally take full length photos by myself! Here are some pictures I took with the remote:

10. Pocket planner from Rifle paper co. - As a mention in my post for manifesting this year, I want to write everything to help see my vision clearer. I brought this cute little pocket planner and it is perfect for me to take everywhere. Usually I'm not a super organized, plan everything person, but this planner really has me consistent in planning my day.

11 W& P Porter to go mug - If you are a person who is rushing to work or always on the go and needs something hot to drink in the morning, this is for you. I love to drink tea before work and this mug comes in handy.

Thanks for reading my current favorites of this year so far. Of course like, share and comment what other products you like at the moment.

Xoxo Desiree


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