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Fall/Winter Favorites of 2020!

Hey loves! The year is almost over and the holidays are here! The fall season was great being around my family. I haven't posted in a while and since then I've used a lot of products. So this post should make up for Spring and Summer and there is a mix of things I want to talk about: from hair, makeup, self-care, and random stuff


1. The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control - I've used a lot of hair gels and edge controls, some work, and some were good for temporary use.; but I think I found a gel that works well and stays on all day. This gel definitely keeps my edges smooth and it has biotin, vitamin C, D, & E to help with hair growth. This gel tops all the hair gels I've used in the past., which is also a Black-owned hair brand. Below is how my hair looks with the edge gel:

2. Conair the Knot Dr. Detangling Brush -While looking for supplies in Walgreens I came across this detangling brush. I have to say this brush is amazing. For a brush to detangle my thick hair, wet or dry, without pulling or hurting is a plus. I can easily brush my hair with no worries. I truly recommend this bush for my curly-thick hair girls.

3. Scunci Silk Scrunchies - One of the greatest accessories for our hair is a scrunchie, especially a silk scrunchie. I love using silk for my hair, I wrap my hair with a silk scarf every night. These silk scrunchies really help my hair to stay smooth and shiny, preventing hair damage or loss, and won't pull your hair. I recently used these scrunchies on my curly blown out hair without the use of heat. This is how the style came out:


4.The Lip Bar lip gloss in 'First Lady' - This was the first purchase I made from this Black-owned business and I love this gloss. It is a pinkish-nude gloss, which you can wear alone or with a lip liner. Such a natural yet girly color for my lips, can't wait to buy more.

5. Mented Cosmetics Bronzer in 'Yacht Life' - Another Black-owned business I support and buy from. I saw an influencer wear this shade and I had to have it. The color of the bronzer looked so good on her skin and I knew it would work on me. This bronzer gives a nice warm tone to my skin and now it‘s my go-to when doing my makeup.

6. Lancome Highlighter in “rose gold” & Monsieur Big mascara- So lucky for me, I work in a retail store that has well-known makeup brands such as Lancome. Shout out to my favorite Lancome representative Julie for giving me a sample of this highlighter and mascara. The highlighter has a gorgeous glow and it is so pretty on my skin. I also love the mascara because it’s just the way I like them, long and fully natural looking lashes.

7. Elf line & define eye tape- This is a lifesaver when it comes to applying eyeliner. I can not apply eyeliner that easily like everyone else with a steady hand so this tape makes the application of eyeliner or eye shadow so much neater.


8.The Honey Pot Company- This is one of the best companies for feminine care and they are black-owned. This brand has natural plant-based products that really care about women’s health and I can feel the difference compared to the other brands I used to buy; based on the natural herbs they use. Every product I brought from this company is amazing and I definitely recommend using them.

9. Heritage store rose petals rosewater toner- The last toner I was using ran out which took me on a hunt in search of a new toner. This toner is vegan. It's versatile in that it calms and smooths skin, also can be used as a hair and body spray. My skin has improved a lot after washing my face and spraying this on.

10. Hair by Kami Strawberry sugar scrub- Of course I have to shout out my sister Kamilah and support her brand. I’m so proud of her brand growing more every day. This scrub I wanted to try from her brand is so good. I use this for my arms and legs, it does a great job exfoliating and moisturizing my body. This scrub is perfect for the fall/winter months.

11 . Nivea Cherry Blossom body lotion- I love Nivea products, especially because I have dry skin. I use this lotion after using the scrub I previously mentioned.

12. Airborne gummies for Immune System- Since we are still in a pandemic and trying to stay healthy, this is what I take every day to keep my immune system up. These vitamin D gummies are really good and I highly suggest buying this whenever you see this in stores.

Bonus favorite 13. Legendary Roots “protect black girls” t-shirt- I had to get this shirt when I saw it on Instagram and I like the message on the shirt, "Protect black girls". I love this clothing brand and what it represents for Black women and I brought the shirt in support of them. I’m definitely going to buy another item from them.

I hope you guys like all the products I mention for my fall/winter favorites. What were some of your favorite products for 2020?

Thank you so much for reading.

Much love and be safe.

Xoxo Desiree


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